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College football is celebrating its 150th anniversary this season. As part of an in-depth look at this sport, ESPN has complied a list of the 150 greatest college football teams ever. This was conducted by a panel of 150 athletic directors, media member and former players.

As expected, teams like Nebraska, USC, and Alabama are well represented in the top 10. The Nittany Lions have a decent showing as well. Their highest ranking belongs to the undefeated 1994 team. Led by quarterback Kerry Collins, electrifying tailback Ki-jana Carter and sure-handed tight end Kyle Brady; this team’s offense was so dominating, they averaged¬†47 points per game!

In what seems like a cruel coincidence, the 1994 Nebraska Cornhusker team coached by Tom Osbourne is ranked one spot above the 1994 Lions. For those too young to remember (or perhaps old enough to have forgotten) the aforementioned Penn State squad was controversially snubbed out of a chance to play for the National Championship in favor of this Nebraska team.

Penn State Teams Ranked in the Top 150

16. 1994

26. 1986

46. 1969

60. 1973

79. 1982

83. 1968

99. 1978




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